ORIGIN OF WRESTLING: Wrestling is a sport or contest in which two unarmed persons struggle hand-in-hand with each other, attempting to subdue other. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports known to man. The ancient Greeks and Roman were credited with the development of a number of styles in wrestling especially the Greco-Roman that is still in use today. The ancient Greeks formed the sport out of necessity as it was a means of training and developing their soldiers into warriors.
The first organized National Wrestling Tournament was held in New York City in 1888 while the first organized wrestling competition in the Modern Olympic games was held in 1904 in Saint Louis Missiouri U.S.A. However, our ancestors were very good wrestlers before the European came to Nigeria. Wrestling was a sport competed for among different age grades during off-season festivals to test the popularity of the age grades. The sport is very popular in Nigeria. Wrestling contest is always organized in a village square or an open field.
1. Traditional wrestling
2. Greco-Roman wrestling
Skills in wrestling are;
1. Standing position
2. Escape
3. Fall or pinning
4. Take down
5. Break down
A. Standing Position: Wrestlers stand on their allotted side of the arena getting ready for the contest.
B. Escape: This means freeing oneself to a neutral position from a disadvantaged position.
C. Fall or Falling: This is a simultaneous hold of the opponent’s shoulders to the ground for one or two seconds.
D. Take Down: This is bringing the opponent down to the mat and gaining control over him.
E. Break Down and Rides: This is a forceful destabilization of the opponent by keeping him off his knees and holding him to the ground.
1. It helps to develop physical fitness
2. It also develop mental health and alertness.
3. Wrestling is used for self defence
4. It makes us to develop self confidence
5. It is used for entertainment

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