MEANING OF HEALTH: Health is the state of being free from illness or diseases

Factors that influences determinants of health. They are:

  1. Heredity: These are traits or characters that are transmitted from one parents to their off spring (children) traits that can influence the health of an individual are sickle cell anemia, night blindness, colour etc.
  2. Environment: It means the condition or circumstances that surround and influences a person health.
  3. Life Style: It is the attitude, behavior and habit an individual keeps. It can also determine the health of an individual for instance a person who constantly smokes cigarette is endangering his or her respiratory system to problem, because people have different life style. They are positive and negative life styles.

Positive life style promotes good health like eating balance diet, personal cleanliness, regular medical check up and having enough rest and sleep. While on the other hand, when you fail to keep your environment clean or neglect of medical check up, not eating diet and hardly have rest, the person’s health will wear out.


  1. The person should engage in physical exercise
  2. His ability to work without being easily tired or fatigued
  3. His ability to meet his emotional needs
  4. A healthy person comprehend easily
  5. A healthy person love his or her self
  6. A healthy person relates with people around him or her.
  7. He has the ability to meet the demands of life
  8. Able to resist from diseases or infection


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