THEMES:- Discuss the major themes in the text and identify the minor themes.

  1. Masculinity and female subjugation:
  2. Most male characters in this play exhibit the fact that they have sexual strength and energy and see women as toys and objects used to quench their sexual urge. This is seen in Gbanya’s behavior towards Yoko.
  3. Lansana engages in extra marital affairs since he believes that one woman is not just good enough for one man and that a man should also taste many other women.
  4. Ndapi treats his wife as a slave as can be seen in the way he orders her in pg 26.
  5.  Female power:-

Yoko proves the claims that women are weaker vessels to be wrong by her wits and wisdom. She proves her husband and others who are convinced that a woman cannot rule wrong. The villains of the play: Lamboi and Musa plot to poison chief Gbanya and wrest power from him because they are convinced that the weak Gbanya will hand over the rulership of the kingdom to Madam Yoko and they are not prepared to allow a woman to rule over them. After poisoning and death of Gbanya, Yoko shows her power by coming in the royal hut with matchet in her hand. Female power, wits and wisdom is also seen in the way Yoko handles the chiefdom, capturing more boundaries for the colonial lords which her late husband, Gbanya could not do

Minor themes

  1. Quest for power (2) colonial imperialism. (3) Arrogance and exploitation.
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