A seam is the line of stitching that joins two or more piece of cloth.



It is important to choose the correct seam for any given article or part of the garment.

  1. Open or plain seam: This is the simplest and most commonly used seam. It has little bulk. It leaves raw edges that need to be finished or neated.
  2. French seam: this is a flat seam. It does not sow from the right side. All raw edges are completely enclosed. It is suitable for children’s clothes.
  3. Run-and-fell seam: this lies that with two rows of stitching on the right side of the garment. All raw edges are enclosed. Thus no extra neeting is required. It is strong and durable.
  4. Lapped or overlaid seam: this is visible on the right side. It is commonly used on curved or pointed seam where stitching from the side is difficult. It is also used to give decorative effect.


Point to consider when choosing seam


  1. Kind of material or fabric being sewn.
  2. Purpose or use of the garment/clothes
  3. The person to wear the clothes.
  4. The position of the seam.
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