RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD: The meaning of responsible parenthood

RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD: The meaning of responsible parenthood

Firstly, parenthood means the time of being a parent and also an office of a parent in order words, it is child’s or children’s father and mother is a parent.

On the other hand, responsible parenthood means the ability of a parent to take adequate responsibility of the needs of their child or children as well as other members of the family in order for them to become good and responsible adult members of the society. Good and responsible parents respect their child/children as distinct individual(s). They use to be honest to them. They cater for the children, monitors the kind of company they keep and the type of clothes they put on, caution the children anytime they are found wanting.

Again responsible parenthood inculcates or put in the children fear of God, ensure that the basic rights are not denied from the child/children eg. Affection, education, medical care, good clothes, foods, shelter, recreation etc.

Roles of Responsible Parenthood

  1. Providing for the household: Every good responsible parents must provide the daily needs of their household e.g. food, clothing, money, shelter etc.
  2. Caring: Good responsible parents must provide support, understanding and security to the child/children.
  3. Good and happy home: It is the responsible of parenthood to make a good and happy home for child/children by making they feel that they are wanted, loved, regard free from stress, fear, anxiety etc. This type of home will make the child to develop a good sense of security and affection.
  4. Good home training: Responsible parenthood teach their children to learn societal values to develop into a responsible adult citizen. So parents should teach respect, honesty, patience, commitment etc to their child/children.
  5. Health care: Child/children must be provided with good nutrition and health care by parents to safeguard them from their physical and mental development.
  6. Recreation: This providing for the children with recreational activities eg. Providing playing ball, riding bicycles, playing piano, toys etc And keeping eyes on them so that they will not wound themselves.
  7. Love and trust: Every child needs love and trust from parent. No matter what a problems that arise, that parent must keep on having love and trust on their children.
  8. Education: Responsible parents must give both informal and formal education nto the members of a family. Informal – The do’s and don’ts of the society e.g. customs, beliefs, manners (boys – farming, cooking, taking care of home etc) formal education sending the child/children to school – then paying the tuition fees, buying books, uniforms, other levies etc.
  9. Conflict resolution: It is the role of parenthood to know how to manage social conflicts and other inter-personal crisis caused by lack of material resources, misunderstanding, narrow mindedness and lack of tolerance. They resolve it by making good dialogue, counseling and reprimands.
  10. Discipline: A good/responsible parent must discipline the child/children when misbehave for the child to take correction and become useful to the family and the society at large.
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