Definition: Hand tools are those manually operated tools used in engineering works. Wood wok hand tools are those manually operated tools used in wood working. They are being used by hand by wood worker.

MEASUING TOOLS: These are tools used to measure out the sizes (length, width and depth) of objects. These include steel rule, inside and outside calipers, centre square, micro meter screw gauge and venier calipers.

Inside and outside calipers are used for measuring internal and external diameters of an object.

Micro meter screw gauge is used to measure small distance such as the diameter or thickness of a wire. It has a very high reading accuracy up to 0.01, o 00.1mm.

VenierĀ  caliper is used for taking accurate measurements of lengths of objects to the nearest 0.01mm.

Steel rule is for lengths and with of objects.


Marking tools are used to make a mark after measuring either the length o the width or depth of an object. They include pencils, chalk, and punches.

Punches are of three types namely centre punch or dot punch, pin punch and bell bunch.

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