Meaning of Marketing Board

A marketing board may be defined as a public corporation charged with the responsibilities of assisting, farmers in purchasing, grading and marketing of various Agricultural commodities in the country.

The marketing board fixed produce prices at the beginning of each season.

The marketing board appointed licensed buying agent who in turn appointed sub-agent who helped to collect agriculture produce from Farmers. The producer so collected where graded and transported to Lagos where they were taken over by the Nigerian produce marketing Company, which could sell them to domestic industries or export them to foreign countries.


  1. : Purchase of farm produce from Farmers so as to create ready market for farmers.
  2. Sale of produce either to industries or export.
  3. Revenue generation.
  4. Price stabilisation : This is done by fixing minimum prices for the crops they wanted to buy.
  5. Processing of product for final export to other countries.
  6. Development of agro-based industries.
  7. Financial assistance: They help to provide laons , overdraft and subsidies to Farmers.
  8. They ensure economic development of the country.


  1. Inadequate finance which makes it difficult for them to finance their projects.
  2. Pricing Problems : Due to function of price in the world market board finds it difficult to market their products.
  3. Illiteracy of the farmers.
  4. Political problem : As it is owned by the government, they are subjected to bureaucracy and tribalism in the appointment of board of directors.
  5. Climatic problem : An adverse climatic condition can result to poor harvest.
  6. Problem of over production by farmers which makes it difficult for the purchase all.
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