List of characters and their roles

  1. Jimmy Porter:- He is the major character, an angry young man who expresses his frustration for the lack of feelings in his placid domestic life. He is well educated and a working class fellow who is very angry that his education cannot affect his life positively.
  2. Cliff Lewis:- He is a friend to both Jimmy and Alison and he lives with them in their attic apartment. Eventhough he is a working class fellow, Jimmy always points out that he is an uneducated fellow. He is fond to Alison and helps to keep the couple together. He and Alison have an affectionate relationship apart from sex but just a comfortable fondness. He later left to pursue his own goals in life rather than staying in Jimmy’s apartment.
  3. Alison Porter:- Jimmy’s wife who is from the British upper class. She is pregnant with Jimmy’s child. Jimmy’s destructive anger causes her great strain and she eventually leaves him due to their fights but comes back to tell him of her miscarriage. Sufferings changes her, and causes her to commit more fully to the intense emotion inherent in Jimmy’s world.
  4. Helena Charles:- She is Alison’s best friend. She lives with them in their apartment while visiting for work. She is from an upperclass family and was responsible for getting Alison leave Jimmy due to their constant fights but started having an affair with Jimmy but her sense of morality leads her to leave them alone.

List of themes

  1. Anger: – Jimmy porter’s anger dominates the play. His anger causes him to lash out at his wife and his business partner, her calls them boring, stupid, and unambitious largely because they don’t share his rage and frustration.
  2. Alienation: – Jimmy as the main character of the play stresses over the overeducated, underemployed worker. He feels alienated from the establishment, the upper-crust of British society, which refused to employ him since they have most narrative jobs because of his class. He feels alienated from his wife because his father is a colonial and whose brother is now a member of the parliament and he feels alienated from people because of his behaviour.
  3. Indolence.
  4. Loss of Childhood Innocence.
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