1 Stem burrower Cereals eg Rice, Maize, Guinea Corn i.   Larvae bore hold into stems.

ii. They eat up the tissues

iii. They weaken the plant

iv. Reduced growth and field

i. Uproot and burn infected plant

ii. Spray with insecticides eg Gammalin 20

iii. Early planting

iv. Crop rotation

2 Army worm Cereals e.g Maize i. Larvae Invade & eat up leaves &stem

ii. Reduce photosynthesis

iii. Retarded growth

iv. Reduced yield

i. hand Picking

ii. Spray with insecticides eg. DDT.

3 Pod burrower Legumes e.g cowpea, soybean i. Larvae bore into the pod

ii. they reduced yield

i. Crop rotation

ii. Early harvesting

iii. Spray with insecticides

4 Aphids Legumes e.g cowpea, soybeans i. Stunted growth

ii. Galls on Leaves

iii. vectors of disease e.g rosette, mosaic disease of cowpea

i. spray with insecticides

ii. Uproot and burn infected plant.

5 Leaf beetle Legumes e.g cowpea, soybeans i. they eat up the leaves

ii. Reduce Photosynthesis

iii. Reduced Yield.

i. Spray with insecticides

ii. Use pest resistant varieties.

6 Cocoa mirids Beverages e.g Cocoa i. They inject toxic saliva into plant

ii. Transmits fungal diseases

iii. Reduced  yield

iv. Stunted growth.


i. Spray with insecticides e.g Gammalin 20

ii. Regular weeding

7 Yam Beetles Tubers e.g yam i. bore holes into yam tubers

ii. Reduction in yield

iii. Reduction in quantity & market value

i. Dust yam

setts  with Adrian dust before planting

ii. Crop rotation

8 Cassava mealy bugs   i. Twisting of stem & reduced internodes

ii. Swelling of shoots

iii. reduced yield

i. Early planting

ii. Use pest resistant varieties

iii. Cuttings treatment.

iv. Spray with insecticides.

9 Green Spidermite Tubers e.g cassava i. They feed on the leaves

ii. Reduce rate of photosynthesis

iii. Reduction in yield

i.  Use biological control

ii. Spray with insecticides

10 Variegated Grasshopper Tubers e.g Cassava, yam i. Adult & Larvae eat up leaves and stem

ii. Reduce the rate of photosynthesis

iii. Reduced growth

iv Reduced yield

i. Hand picking

ii. Spray with insecticides e.g Adrex 40

11 Cotton strainer Cotton i. Larvae feeds on the seeds of cotton

ii. Crop potation

iii. Destroy the lint & reduce its quality

iv. Premature fall of cotton boll

i. Hand Picking

ii. Spray with insecticides.

12 Cotton bollworms Cotton i. Larvae feeds on the seeds of cotton

ii. Corp potation

iii. Destroy the lint & reduce its qualify

iv. Premature fall of cotton boll

i. Spray with insecticides to kill insects

ii. Burn cotton plant debris  after harvesting.

13 Trips Vegetables e.g Onion, Tomato i. Browning of Leaves

ii. Wilting of plant

iii. Reduced yield

i. spray with insecticides.
14 Leaf rollers Vegetables i. Rolling & Twisting of Leaves

ii. Reduction in rate of photosynthesis.

iii. Reduction in yield

i. Spray with appropriate insecticides e.g. Vetox 85
15 Leaf beetle Vegetables i. They eat up the leaves & stems

ii. reduced photosynthesis.

iii Reduction in yield.

Spray with insecticides e.g vettox 85
16 Bean beetles, grain weevils Stored produce e.g rice, cowpea &maize i. Bore holes into grains & eat them up.

ii. Reduced the quality of stored produce

iii. Reduce farmer’s income. iv. Reduce the market value of grains

v. Reduce viability of infected grains.

i. Early Harvesting

ii. proper storage of the produce

iii. Proper cleaning & fumigation of stored produce with phostoxin tables or with lindane dust.

iv. Store grains over fire places

v. Proper drying of seeds to reduce moisture content & kill the eggs & larva of pests.

17 Birds Rice, maize, millets & sorghum i. Feed on grains in the field

ii. Reduction in quality & yield.

iii. Reduction in income of farmers.

i. Use of bird scarer or scare crow

ii. Use of cage traps with baits.

iii. Shooting with catapult.

iv. Drumming or noise making on the farm.

v. Use of Avicides

vi. fencing/screening farms in greenhouse.

18 Rodents e.g bush rabbits, rats & squired Rice, yam, cassava & fruits. i. they feed on crops

ii. Destroy whole plant.

iii. Reduction in yield.

iv. Increase in cost of production.

i. crapping with baits.

ii. Use of rodenticides

iii. use of string/wire traps.

iv. use of predators e.g dogs & cats

v. Clean needing of farms

vi. shooting & facing

viii. Use of traps.

19 Monkeys Cocoa, Mango, Banana & orange i. they eat up the fruit

ii. Reduce the quality of fruits.

iii. Losses to the farmer

i. use traps

ii. shooting with gun where possible.


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