Week 1:          Commodity exchange – meaning of commodity, meaning of tradable                         commodity, types of tradable commodity, condition necessary for                                     trading on commodity.

Week 2:          Commodity exchange, meaning of commodity exchange, types of                         trading on commodity, Requirements for trading on commodity, method                         of trading on commodity.

Week 3:          Commodity exchange – benefits of commodity exchange, constraints to                         commodity trading, different between commodity and sock, items,                                     tangible and intangible.

Week 4:          Business Credit, Definition, Basis for granting credit, advantages and                         disadvantages, sources of credit.

Week 5:          Business credit, types of credit sales, live purchase etc. advantages of                         hire purchase to the buyer and seller, effects of hire purchase on the                               buyer and seller.

Week 6:          Buying and selling document – meaning, essential business documents,                         trade term and abbreviations.

Week 7:          Means of payment – meaning, legal tender, e.g. coins and bank note.

Week 8:          Money – Definition, history or evolutions of money, function, qualities,                         forms of money, differences and similarities.





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