Many countries do not produce enough food for their human population and have to depend on imports to make up the deficit.

Causes of Food Shortage

Some of the commonest causes of food shortage are:

  • Drought (extreme).
  • Attack by pests – like locusts, aphids and grasshoppers.
  • Diseases of plants and animals.
  • Bush fires.
  • Flood and other natural disasters.
  • Inadequate equipment for processing and storing food.
  • Microbial actions by bacteria, yeast and fungi.
  • Influence of parasites, saprophytes, herbivores and carnivores

Effects of food shortage on size of population

  • Competition
  • Emigration
  • Decline in rate of reproduction.
  • Under functioning of body systems.
  • Cannibalism
  • Low resistance to diseases
  • Death/ increase in mortality rate.
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