Value is defined the worth or merit of an item.

Values are beliefs, feelings, and ideas about what is right important, good

Values are based on ideas about what is right, good, and desirable. Values can be positive or negative.

Positive                                              Negative values

Freedom, fairness                      Dishonesty, envy, falsehood,

Courtesy, good health,                selfishness, corruption, e.t.c

Orderliness, friendship’

Love, tolerance,

Patience, respect,

Compassion, trust,

Education, comfort

Values can be seen and can be show through actions. Value system is a set of values that a person has.

Family values are the beliefs, feelings, and idea about what is important to the family. Family values could be honesty, uprightness, respect for human, dignity, hard work, compassion, education, high moral standing, love, respect for elders, high sense of responsibility trust worthiness e.t.c.

          Importance of family value system

  1. It helps family to make decisions.
  2. It provides motivation for action.
  3. It controls behavior.
  4. It provides confidence and to strength individual and family

It helps one to consider other people.

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