Enemies of morality: CULTISM

Enemies of morality: CULTISM

Good day class, you are welcome to this class. How are you doing? In this first week our topic is “Cultism” as one of the enemies of morality. We have to discuss this topic as:

  • What is morality?
  • What is cultism?
  • Reasons for membership.
  • Qualities and behavior that attract cultism.

In the previous term, we have to remind ourselves of this word “morality” as we discussed in the previous term. Morality is derived from a Latin word “moralis and from a French word “moralit. Your behavior shows your morality.  A story goes thus:  A. young girl who is in need of money to buy something very important to her, but the parents could not provide for her at that time. She is worried; she does not know what to do. One day she wanted to visit her friend, on her way she saw a pack containing a huge amount of money.  No one is seeing or watching her. The questions in this situation if you are the girl: What will you do? Will you pass? Will you keep the money? Leave it? Take it to your house and leave it for 24hrs before looking for the owner? What will be your answer? YOUR ANSWER SPEAKS YOUR MORALITY.  So  MORALITY is defined as the standard which society uses to decide what is right and wrong, good and bad behavior.



In our society today we are conversant with these words: cultism {the practice of it,} cultist (a member) secret cult (all practices/policies are secret)etc. Cultism is one of the enemies of morality.  It is a problem facing Nigeria today which has created a serious negative impact on the people especially teenagers.

Cultism is defined as ritual practices by a group of people whose membership and initiation as well as their mode of operation are done in secret and kept in secret. Cultism is also a system of which membership is not open to all. Their members do not share their idea and policies with no one.

They (cultist) are characterized for:

  • its secret practice;
  • Policies are unknown to the general public.
  • It changes people’s values and norms.



In our present day society there are reasons some people especially student in the secondary and tertiary institution join secret cult. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Peer pressure/peer group influence: pressure from peers can make even a decent person change his mindset and behavior especially when the pressure is too much from his or her peers
  2. To exhibit wickedness and intimidation: Some enter secret cult because they want to use it to fight those that oppress them, like school teachers and authorities. They also use it to intimidate their friends, enemies and relatives.
  3. Lack of fear of God: This means that someone have to obey and live in a way that is considered morally right. Those who do not have the fear of God join secret cult If one has the fear if God there is no way he or she should join secret cult. Psalm 25:12 “Who is the man who fears the Lord” He will instruct him in the way he should choose”.
  4. Inadequate parental upbringing: This is when parents fail to teach/train their children normal moral values, norms and discipline.
  5. To enhance personal ego (showing self importance): Some join cultism because they want to gain popularity, feel belonging, show they are too important. As “Big boys” “Big girls” in school environment and in the society at large.
  6. To make money: Many are lured into cultism because of financial hardship. In order to be rich, they fall a victim to others who wanted to help them to get the money by any means.
  7. To seek protection: Some join secret cult in search of protection from harm, for they are brother’s keeper of each other. They feel sense of security offered to each other in the group.
  8. For Revenge: For some, they join when they want to take a revenge on those who offends, harass, and insult them. They believe the group will help them to do it.


There are some situations, qualities and behaviours that someone could exhibit in his or her life that can attract cultist to one.  This attitude brings cultist closer to you thereby asking you to join. These qualities and behaviours are:

  1. A disco and party addict should be ready to join secret cult.
  2. A wayward girl is easy prey for cultist
  3. A trouble maker
  4. One who makes a habit of drinking alcohol and smoking hemp is already mad enough for devils deeds
  5. If you want to show/flourish /demonstrate your parents influence, wealth or connection, you are a target.
  6. If you are greedy or love of flash things, you will likely fall a prey to them
  7. An ostentatious (intend to attract notice) life style makes one a hot cake for them
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