Capitalization is the appropriate use of the capital letters in a writing. The English letters come in big and small forms or upper and lower case. The proper use of the uppercase gives a writing a wholesome look and is evidence of a good writer.

  • The capital letter is used to begin a sentence.
  • The capital letter begins a proper noun.
  • The capital letter begins words in titles, position and rank.
  • It begins lines of poetry.
  • The first personal pronoun ā€œIā€ is always written in capital letters.
  • The direct speech is written in capital letters.
  • Pronouns which refer to God are written in capital letters.
  • Capital letter is used to highlight expression which requires emphasis in a writing.

In essay writing, punctuation and capitalization fall under the category of Mechanics and a good write up must obey the proper use of both concepts in writing.


Punctuate the following sentences

  1. What time is it asked the traveler
  2. My father exclaimed what a lovely view
  3. Oh cried the boy I have hurt my finger
  4. The soldier said Get on your knees
  5. Caro shoes blocked the passage


Correct and use the capital letter in the following sentences when necessary:

Tabu looked up from his book to see what had made the noise. He noticed his sister, Masya swinging from an Iroko tree and glimpsed a snake on its branches. It was a python. Tabu rushed out only to see the snake slither into the bush.

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