Every country has some laid-down conditions which a person must fulfill in order to qualify for elections. For example in Nigeria, the person must attain the following qualifications:

  1. Age limit: A person wishing to contest or vote in an election must attain the minimum age limit as written in the constitution of Nigeria.
  2. Registration: the person must have register with the independent National Election Commission and obtain a voters card.
  3. Payment of Election Deposit: the person must pay a specified sum of money. The amount paid depends on the position contested for as recommended by the constitution of Nigeria.
  4. Period of residing in an area: A person contesting for a position must have lived in that area for at least 10years.
  5. Filling of nomination papers: The contestant must fill his or her nomination papers at the stipulated time and supported by a specified number of persons who must be Nigerians by origin.
  6. Evidence of payment of taxes: The contestant must show his or her evidence of payment of tax clearance receipt
  7. Sound legal record: The contestant must not be an ex-convict, must not be found guilty of any criminal offence, and must not be serving any form of imprisonment in or outside Nigeria.
  8. Sanity: He must be a person with sound and sane mind.
  9. Solvency: He or she must not have been declared bankrupt by law court in or outside Nigeria.
  10. Citizenship: A person wishing to contest election, must be a legal citizen of Nigeria.
  11. Must not be banned: He or she must not be a banned politician in Nigeria.
  12. Education: He or she must have attained the minimum educational qualification for that position as written in the constitution of Nigeria.
  13. Religion: He or she must specify his or her religion which must be known in Nigeria.
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