Argumentative Essay

Nature of Argumentative essay or writing.

In argumentative  essay the writer attempts to persuade the reader to agree to his point of view on a particular topic. There are usually two sides of arguments. The writer persuades his reader by appealing to the feelings and minds.

Ultimately, his aim is to convince his reader or audience to agree with him on the main points of arguments and for them to accept a belief that they did not hold before.

An Argumentative essay will require you to:

  • Prove a point
  • Present a view point
  • Balance two sides of an argument.

Examples of Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Female children are more beneficial to parents than male children.
  2. Corporal punishments should be abolished in schools.
  3. Science has done more harm than good to the societies.
  4. Military rule is preferable to civil rule.

From these topics there are always two sides of the subject of an argumentative essay .Presentation will depend on the way the question is set. Usually the writer will be told whether on only one side or both sides of the topic. When you are to write on only one side, you should do so with due cognizance and aware of the opposition.


Features of Argumentative Essay

  1. Appropriate introduction

Mr. Chairman, Panel of judges, Accurate time keepers, Co-debaters, Ladies and gentlemen.

I am here to propose the motion that education should be free at all levels.


  1. Definition of proposition

First, lets us get it clear what we mean by free education. Actually, education or any commodity or service cannot be free. Nothing in terms of good services is free. Somebody has to pay for it. What we mean by free education is that education at all levels should be regarded as a social services to be borne by the government. My reason for the proposing is that the cost of education should be borne entirely by the government and at no-expensive whatsoever to the vast majority of our already improvised populace are as followed.




  1. Proofs of the Preposition

This is the use of logical proves to change the reader or audience mind. There should be good paragraphing, coherence and logical sequence of ideas. Disapprove a proof of competing argument. One of the marks of a skillful debater is the ability to participate in the competing argument of the opponent and then disapproves it. E.g: My opponent may argue that the government alone cannot bear the burden of education at all levels and that any responsible parents should be able to bear the cost of education of his child. What we are saying Mr. Chairman, panel of judges is that revenue occurring from the resources is paid directly into government coffers. All the government needs to do is to make good planning for the program from the resources paid directly into the coffers.


  1. Concluding the argument

Yes Mr. Chairman, panel of judges, ladies and gentlemen, even my worthy opponents, I can see from the smiles on your face that I have been able to convince you that education of every young man and young woman of this our nation should be free at all levels.

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