Act by Act Summary of the plot. Act One.

Act by Act Summary of the plot. Act One.

Scenes 1 – 3.

This first act forms the background to this play. The reader gets the dispositions of chief Gbanya who is virile in nature as he tries to force a protesting Madam Yoko to go to bed with him. He is convinced that all a woman is fit for are: to dance, to sing, to cook and satisfy her husband’s sexual desire. He is seen being disturbed by his the Governor’s impending visit and he has a premonition that he is about to die. His wife Yoko sees his firm determination to die, she reminds him of his resolve to hand over the chiefdom to her.

Lamboi, Musa and Ndapi are men from the land who are convinced that women can never occupy positions of authority and Lamboi, as Yoko’s brother is seriously eyeing the chiefdom. He consults Musa, a medicine man who prepares poison that will kill Gbanya instantly before he realizes himself and hands Over the power to Yoko a mere woman. Gbanya gets prepared to receive the governor in a grand style but was beaten up by his representatives. In his serious state, Lamboi and Musa poisons him in the pretence of helping to resuscitate him but his wife takes charge of the chiefdom and resolved never to bear a child.

ACT 2:  SCENE 1 – 3

Yoko has taken proper and complete charge of the chiefdom. Her exploits and fame are known all over the land and beyond. The wisdom with which she judges matters is commendable. The governor sends his messenger to her Highness, Madam Yoko, to monitor the affairs of the state and get back to him. Yoko in her wisdom, gives the messenger a warm and befitting welcome. Lamboi and Musa are embittered about the fame and commendations and they plot to pull her down by kidnapping Jeneba, Ndapis daughter and raising alarm that Yoko has used her for ritual which will make her either to die or go into exile.

ACT 3: SCENE 1 – 3 

The governor has given Yoko a leave and sent her to crown two chiefs in Taiama. On embarking on the journey, Yoko gives her chiefdom to Lamboi and Musa then connived to use this opportunity to perfect their evil plans, kidnapped Jeneba, kill her, removed her sensitive parts and bury her in the bush. They poisoned the villagers’ minds to believe that Yoko has used her for ritual but the culprits were discovered. In the midst of all these, a massenger brings a letter from the governor to Yoko informing her that the Bouiday order has been laid by the District Commissioner on the Governor’s order therefore Yoko must cease from being in charge of the chiefdom since the Chiefdom has been given to another region Yoko could not stand the shame of being used and dumped by the governor and she drinks poison and died.

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