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Queen of the Rosary Secondary School (QRSS), Nsukka was established in January 1961. It was the fruit of the profound concern of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary (MSHR) founded by Bishop Shanahan for the intellectual and moral formation of the female folks within and outside old Nsukka geographical area, the present Nsukka educational Zone. It became the pioneer girls’ secondary school in the zone. The congregation was prompted by the concern for high level of illiteracy among the female population. The Sisters with the support of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha, during the Episcopacy of Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Heery, initiated the project and nurtured it into an eminent citadel of learning. The acquisition of land where the school is located was made possible by Sr. Mary John who was one of the sisters in the Convent attached to St. Theresa’s Parish, which grew into Catholic Diocese of Nsukka.

The school started with just about thirty-six (36) students and Sr. Mary De Lourdes became the pioneer principal. Five Irish lay girls volunteered to work as missionary teachers. Sr. Mary De Lourdes was succeeded by Sr. Mary Des Victoires as the principal. At the end of her tenure, she was succeeded by Sr. Mary Edith O’Donnell who piloted the affairs of the school till the advent of the Nigerian civil war in 1967. These indefatigable leaders worked very hard that before the war, the name “Queens” was already a famous name around Nsukka geographical extraction and beyond, especially among young girls desiring to get quality education. The school has so far produced women great of worth in every sphere of life. Products of Queens were stars to reckoned with intellectually, socially morally and psychologically.

Nonetheless, missionary activities in Queens was interrupted by the three-year Nigerian civil war (1967 to Jan 1970) and the effort of the Catholic Mission was compromised at the end of the war in 1970 by the take-over of schools in the East Central State of Nigeria by the administration of Ukpabi Asika. The school’s name was change from Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Nsukka to Girls’ High School, Nsukka by the government. However, as God would have it, Queens was later returned to the mission and, ipso facto, re-gained its original name, Queen of the Rosary Secondary School (QRSS), Nsukka.

The effect of the war on Queens was grave. Many of the students that came back to continue their studies after the war, the new intakes inclusive, suffered a lot from the side effects of the war. There were lots of deliquesces among the students. The first post-war principal, Mrs. Regina Njoku did not last long as she was forced to leave after barely four months of assumption of office on account of students’ bad behaviour. Sr. Joseph Theresa Agbasiere took over from her to address the problem. She acquired the nickname “Iron Lady” following her strictness in hammering the unruly students into proper shapes. With her, QRSS once more regained its lost glory. The leadership of Sr. Agbasiere’s was a milestone, precisely because it was a period of restoration, reconstruction and re-formation. Mrs. P. Ezeilo succeeded Sr. Agbasiere in 1973. Her tenure was also historical because, though, neither a Sister nor a Catholic, she held to the vision and mission of the institution. Many religious societies flourished during her time. Academic, moral and sports activities flourished under her leadership with the support of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary (MSHR) and the saintly Bishop, Most Rev. Michael Eneja of the blessed memory. Her leadership ended in 1979 when she was appointed the chief supervising principal of the zone. Other principals followed in succession. Notable among them was Mrs. Monica Eze. She was not only outstanding in academic, moral and sports formation but successfully hosted the Silver Jubilee of QRSS in 1986, when she uplifted greatly the image of the school. Mrs. Rose Asogwa was another hard working principal. Worthy of mention also is Mrs. Vero Obi, who was the principal from 1996 to November 2009. A close collaborator with Mrs. Vero Obi in the work of formation was a trending chaplain, Rev. Fr. Cornelius Obe. He was an inspiring chaplain, innovative and an ardent lover of the youth. He laid the foundation of the chapel under construction during Vero Obi’s administration. Vero Obi handed over the mantle of leadership to Mrs. Eunice N. Onah in Dec. 2009, who in turn transferred the mantle of leadership to Mrs. Mrs. Anthonia Ugwuanyi as the principal in 2013. She handed over to the current Principal, Mrs. Eucharia Nwagwu in 18th April 2016. Mrs. Eucharia. Nwangwu has ever since then sustained the tempo of academic excellence.

The school has also had series of administrators. Rev. Fr. Andrew Eze was the pioneer administrator of QRSS, Nsukka from July 14, 2008. He was appointed by Most Rev. Francis Emmanuel Ogbonnaya Okobo, the then Catholic Bishop of Nsukka as the pioneer administrator of QRSS.  He fought hard for the catholic church to regain full control of the school after it was returned to the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka. It was during his administration that administrators became the head of the school and principals became collaborators in the work of intellectual formation. He was a seasoned, humble, dedicated, disciplined and an all-round efficient administrator. Like Sr. Agbasiere, he was a milestone in the work of reformation, formation and reconstruction of dilapidating structures. He was so dedicated that it was said of him that he sometimes cut grasses in the school field with mover when the gardeners were not available. He was very close to the students. It was during his administration that the current all boarding policy for students began. He even wore their school uniform that the students nicknamed him ‘Addy-Boy’. He was still the sitting administrator when Most Rev. Professor Igwebuike Onah became the Catholic bishop of Nsukka and therefore the New proprietor of QRSS Nsukka.  He handed over to Rev. Fr. Luke Eze on September 21, 2016. Fr. Luke Eze was appointed the administrator of QRSS by Most Rev. Godfrey Onah. He put in his best to make sure that the task of administering the school was sustained. It was during his administration that the school experienced a terrible wind disaster which he tackled with utmost urgency. His administration solved the problem of water scarcity in the school with the construction of two boreholes in the school: one was a PTA project while the second was a project he attracted from Senator Chuka Utazi. He was a father full of love for the students and was close to them. Fr. Luke Eze handed over to Rev. Fr. Ignatius Ifeanyichukwu Ogbodo, who was appointed the current Administrator of QRSS by Most Rev. Godfrey Onah on September 11, 2019. He is also putting in his best in the administration of the school. Since assumption of duty, Fr Ogbodo has left no stone unturned to making QRSS an enviable school in all aspects. His short stay has witnessed perceivable ingenuity, resourcefulness, dedication and intellectual renaissance.

In recognition of the special status of the school in the Zone and the State in general, the government has been partnering with the mission in the area of provision of teachers. Currently thirty percent of the teachers are government employed staff. While 70 percent are mission employed staff.

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